Sunday, October 17, 2010

testing, testing, one, two, three ... four, five, six

We went for an after work drink on Friday in the Valley, as I even the thought of a beverage in the city made me cranky. The valley is so much nicer than the skanky city. We took a Pizza at Cosmos and then an G&T at Rics. My old (and most favourite) watering hole.

A band were setting up as we arrived. A gaggle of young hipsters with their Mums in the background looking supportive. One girl in a tiny white dress, no shoes and a look on her face that said 'if I was any cooler I'd implode' began to annoy me. Never in my life have I seen such a long, drawn out set-up process of set-up.

She even did some tuning or sound check of some sort on her melodica and then her xylophone. I shit you not, a xylophone. By the time they got around to 'testing, ta ... ta... one, one' we'd had three drinks and were sick of the sight of them. We left as they started their first song.

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