Saturday, November 20, 2010

and the ass saw the angel

I'm reading Nick Cave's And The Ass Saw The Angel at the moment. It's dark, morbid, gruesome and squalid. I freakin love it. You know that feeling you get when you get so engrossed in a book you feel as though you know the characters. It's like that and the way he puts words together on a page is brilliant. I can't believe I've waited this long to read this book. My boyfriend bought me The Death of Bunny Monroe (also by Cave) a few months ago and I read and enjoyed that. But this book takes the cake.

Audrey with a cute ass from we heart it

Mmmm delicious from we heart it

If you're a fan of Cave and even if you're not you should read this book. It will make the train trip into work a 30 minute epic saga of how god dam awful and wonderful human beings can be all at the same time. It's available for $9.95 as a Popular Penguin. I love these little orange numbers, cheap, collectible and filled with delicious popular, classic words.

Penguin books from we heart it

A photo of me taken for the Popular Penguin 75th Anniversary launch.


lady luff said...

I'm so flipping addicted to Penguin's orange vintage editions! I get so excited when I come across authentically old ones in second hand bookstores, even if I don't particularly like the book. I'm such a noob.

Griffin said...

I love those old Penguin books, but the paper is wood pulp so they crumble to dust over time. Such a shame.

As for when the Angel saw the Ass... it's probably better than when the Ass sees the Angel's ass... otherwise it would need trauma counselling.

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