Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good dog ...

What should I blog about? This is just what I just asked non-blogging boy. The response was weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) or complexity theory. Yep, so I'm blogging about dogs. Sybil, the resident hound, is the most featured dog in my blog posts. She's getting a break this post.

Sybil ... the wonder dog

I have been making so many of my Library Cards, it's kind of addictive. It's like a little challenge getting good lines to fit with the funny illustrations. I'm going to take some into work to see how many people I can offend this festive season.

Cards ... in my Esty store

"Nah. I'm just the dogsbody"

"Yes, but then I am arrogant aren't I"

I also have been making more brooches as my stock is getting pretty low and I have a BrisStyle market coming up in December. More dogs, people like the dogs so I have made a few different dogs for the markets.

Puppies off the production line ...

And lastly here is a cute-as video for Guide Dogs NSWACT. I love this ad, it's funny and cute and has a puppy in it. It's not sad ... but I still get a wee bit teary at the end. I am such a dog person.

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Truchen said...

oh wow, the advert/youtube video is some food for thought! also got a bit teary eyed. Love this dog post and those brooches.....ooooh! So pretty!

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