Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking ...

I've been sick, the doctor tells me it's walking pneumonia. Luckily it's not running pneumonia as I don't run for anything except trains I'm about to miss.

No running for this train ... but we were on it for days and days.
It took us across Siberia

I did my last market for the year last weekend for Bris-Style, the weather was as miserable as my gunky lungs. It rained so hard the girls outside had to pack-up and vamoose. We (inside girls) all packed up early too, as without the colourful fanfare outside not many passers-by were coming in and shopping. Read all about the wet, wet market here.

One very cute Bris-Style babe in her wet weather gear.

If you missed the December 4 market don't despair, as Bris-Style has one more market for the year! This Friday at King George Square. Below is a quick pick of some great stuff you'll find there.

Hey Jesus, it's your birthday soon right?
Wicked Child Designs ... you make me laugh!

Ohhh squeee, it's a wee drummer bunny

Mademoiselle, Jacques Cousteau, ahhhh baguette!


littlechrissy said...

Feel better soon. Apparently whooping cough is decimating my workplace at the moment. I got my jab on Saturday, which was completely worthwhile as doctor injection was young, gorgeous AND non-condescending.

Littlemissairgap said...

I had walking pneumonia when I was 13 at the same time of year too. Got me out of end of year exams but it also meant I wasn't allowed to go swimming! Hopefully medicine has progressed since 1982! Get well & enjoy some relaxing holiday time.

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