Saturday, January 8, 2011

Follow me ...

It's the new year, I have no resolutions as I am resolute that resolutions are stupid as they are never resolved and I like to tell the Joneses to get stuffed most of the time. So to welcome in 2011 and my renewed energy in my crafting and Etsy shop I'm giving away a brooch, there maybe some more in the weeks to come also. Easy as pie to enter just leave me a comment! A comment with the word 'followed' in it will earn you two entries.

Win this brooch ... made from a vintage children's book.

when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her

From We Heart It here ...

Another We Heart It ... from here.



I am so glad to have followed you on twitter to know about this cute giveaway ;P

I love the brooch and the wonderlandy imagery to follow!

I hope you had a great new years and by the sounds of it your year shall be amazing xo

Have a lovely rest of the night!

Apryl said...

I followed the white rabbit here but couldn't find Trinity or Morpheous.

Seriously I love your brooches and I have been trying to decided for ages which one I covet most and must buy. :o)

Best of luck in this shiny new year.

Littlemissairgap said...

I followed you ever since I've had my iPad. I like to follow you using the Google Reader app. My big girl would love to follow the white rabbit into Wonderland.

nadine paduart said...

so, well, hey! you drew my attention at the perfect time! as i was cleaning out my following-folder yesterday, i kept you in it! coincidence? lucky? magically alice (almost not really) conundrum?
i also really like the stamped (?) rabbit card, but the brooch?
it is too die for!!!
well done.
and happy new year.

Unknown said...

I was on the outside when you said
You said you needed me
I was looking at myself
I was blind, I could not see

A boy tries hard to be a man
His mother takes him by his hand
If he stops to think he starts to cry
Oh why

If you walkaway, walkaway
I walkaway, walkaway...I will follow

chandlerguera said...

One great thing about following blogs is that I get the opportunity to see new crafting talents and etsy shops! Happy New Year 2011. said...

I am not a fan of New Year resolutions either. But...Happy New Year to you.

Eloise said...

Ok i prob missed this giveway but I thought I'd comment anyway! This is a very cute brooch! And your etsy store is wonderful as well, congratulations on achieving something this new year already!

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