Friday, January 14, 2011


vuh'jazuhl Colloquial

verb (i) (vajazzled, vajazzling)

1. (of a woman) to decorate the pubic area by applying adhesive crystals to the skin after removal of hair by waxing.

noun 2. the decoration so applied.[VAG(INA) + (BED)AZZLE with g respelled as j to indicate pronunciation]

vajazzling, noun.

Get your votes in voting is now open for the annual Macquarie Word of the Year 2010 competition. The competition that brought us words like 'bromance' and 'shovel ready' has given bloggers everywhere comedic gold with 'vajazzle'. For now here are some pretty 'word' inspired Etsy finds.
Recycled story book bunting - Garden Story, Taps and Tine

Custom Necklace. Name Word of Your Choice 3-6 Letters. Handmade from Eco Friendly Sterling Silver by Epheriell on Etsy


red bamboo said...

I have to say that 'vajazzle' is my FAVOURITE word right now! A beauty clinic down here in Tassie advertises this service with a jingle!!
"You gotta be, you gotta be VAJAZZLED!"...

Jhoy Cheng said...

hi you can follow my blog ..

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