Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentino bunny

The trembling bunny goes to ... Chandlerguera! All the way to Arizona goes the little bunny brooch, it's great to see that she is a fellow postcard and 'fun mail' lover. It's always fun to get mail, real mail, not bills and stationery (as in paper an stuff, but I can never remember if it's 'nary' or 'nery') brochures. So until valentines day I will be running some 'gift card giveaways'.

Starting now ... comment on this post to win a sweet little 'mail pack' to send to your lover, best friend, the guy you've been following home and then watching from the shrubbery and so on and so forth.

Some of my handmade cards

I also got cracking of a batch of new brooches for Etsy and also for upcoming markets. I've been making hearts in preparation for Valentines Day and also a few bunnies for those who aren't quite that sappy.


MissHilton said...

Greetings from the UK! Im just about to start a collage project of my own and am a great book lover and stumbled across youre blog whilst looking for inspiration. <3 it.

Miss Hilton

MissHilton said...

Also I meant to say I particularly like the skipping children. I love the way text can completely change the context of an image. :) x

Anonymous said...

Hi from Malaysia ! I adore your cards and vintage is lovely .


Frieda :)

Melissa said...

you have a lovely blog, so nice to read!!!!

chandlerguera said...

Received the lovely brooch! Thanks very much.

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