Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's go shopping - creamy coffee on a long weekend

This Friday the much anticipated BrisStyle indie Twilight Market will be on in King George Square, Brisbane. If you love handmade and want to support local artisans get yourself along for what will be a fantastic night.

This post I'm playing 'Let's go shopping' and all the Etsy items below are made by wonderful BrisStylers. To play along click here. To win yourself a handmade pigeon brooch click here and comment.

Woo hoo a five day long weekend! I'm spending the long weekend painting the last room in our house China white and I'll be drinkig lots of creamy soy lattes to get me through! More creamy, coffee inspired goodness below.

Milky Glass and Stone Necklace from Daughter of James

Shhh Accessories-Yo Meee/2 from Shadijtw

Made of cream cell cast acrylic this clood brooch is from Red Revival

Sorbet skinny bangle, a moment on the lips ... from Drift Gifts


Kellie Christie said...

Have fun with the painting Hayley :) I love the cloud brooch by Emma!

shelleyberelli said...

Well, aren't you just the best 'barrister', serving up the coffee delights this week end. Lovely choices. I'll have a double shot please!

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