Saturday, April 16, 2011


I feel much better today as my bung eye is looking much better and I am feeling pretty good about having great friends. Yesterday I got beautiful flowers, and a puppy play date. Today my boyfriend took me to Manly for coffee and then made me lunch. And my wonderful friend came over with all things Scandinavian like fish roe, lingonberry, Swedish biscuits. Plus DVDs, a book, cupcake wrappers and a cute-as little t-duck. In the mail I also got some sweet stuff from my Mum and this random get better soon card. I feel so much better now.

The card my Mum made - I think it has something to with Azaria Chamberlain?

tea duck ..

pretty flowers

mmmm Swedish food stuffs ...


Helen said...

Glad you are having a great day H xx Loving your Mum's card and better he's easten all his vege's,,,and not the campers - eek!

Griffin said...

Hurrah! Love the tea duck, tho' it would bump against my nose if I had one... I couldn't bear to take him out of the cup first!

If you eat all that food you will turn into a Viking... do you even have an axe?!

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