Monday, April 25, 2011

Postal pigeon brings you fun times and sheep

The beautiful website Quiet Paws has got herself a postal pigeon. It won't be 'going postal' as such, I'll just send it in the mail. This week I am going to try and post each day in the lead up to my two markets. On Friday it's the BrisStyle indie Twilight Market in King George Square. And on Sunday I'll be dragging out the craft kit and caboodle again to man a stall at the Young Designers Market.

This card will be at the markets, as will many more. Hope to see you there and here are some more sheepish items from Etsy. Baaaaa.

From here

From here

From here


moose and bird said...

Oh, look at that little sheep in the jar! He's so cute.....and lonely. See you at Twilight. :)

creative kate said...

Thankyou for stopping by my blog at creativeworld. I absolutely adore your blog it so full of cuteness!
Ill be purchasing one of your brooches too by the time the week is out.
Kate :)

Tracey said...

Oh my!! I'm so happy to win a little pigeon friend of my own to wear! :D

I shall send you through my mailing address soon.

lyptis said...

Cute sheep items!:)

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