Friday, April 15, 2011

Winners and losers

Firstly, the penguin brooch winner is matou en peluche. You can see her beautiful Etsy shop here. Thank you to all who read and comment on my little blog.

A Flapper girl from Matou en peluche

I've been fairly quiet this week as I had an eye operation on Tuesday and the recovery has been akin to burning in the fiery depths of hell with a bit of day time TV thrown in. All I can say is oh my wordy lordy eyes hurt. I had a skin graft in my right eye, which apart from being a barrel of laughs required 14 stitches. So I have been drinking tea, sleeping and whining for the last several days. It's getting better now - I had a visit from a friend who produced a tiny golden Labrador puppy - medicine for the soul. Onwards and upwards and thank goodness for codeine (and puppies).

Hula the wonder dog


Hot Fudge said...

You poor thing - sounds like a barrel of laughs. Hope you recover quickly.

Sam said...

Thank you so much! So excited to win!!! Terrible news about your eye though - I hope that's all there is to it and that it's on the mend now.

Griffin said...

Ow! Dammit an' botheration! And more Ow! Hopefully you can lie back and listen to something decent on the radio instead of the Unceasing Blah that is daytime tv.

Still puppies... can't go wrong with that. Does Hula have a sister called Hoop?

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