Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shaneequa and Tie-sun can you please shut up, I'm trying to enjoy my breakfast

I need that Joe Frost Super Nanny to attend breakfast with me so she can give the cafe latte parent set a good firm talking to. Trying to enjoy my corn fritter and cappuccino with two spoilt, little turds carrying on at the next table is annoying enough. But what really gets me mumbling obscenities under my breath is the mum who thinks her kids are angels and then makes a fuss when the wait staff give them a milkshake in the wrong cup. When the waiter didn't bring the milkshake out in under two minutes she said in voice so all tables could hear 'Do you want mummy to just go next door and buy you a chocolate milk?" Yeah, cause that's what he needs is a sugary drink.

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shelleyberelli said...

*Shudder*. I think we should be able to smack parents we see them misbehaving and there's not a naughty corner to send them to!

Le said...

hee hee too true :) le xox

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