Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Bright eyes

We picked up the world's smallest car and drove a good 360km to the cute the alpine town of Bright. The car rental company had two colour options, pink or black. I wanted the pink one but drew the shortest hire car straw. Turns out we should have gone the pink as black micra has about as much guts as your nanna after a thirty minute game of squash. It almost died on the way up the mountain, we were in first going 25km at one stage. When we got to the ski resort we were greeted by icy winds and heavy fog. So we opted for the beer at the bar run.

After the mountain ordeal we needed some food, so we stopped in at Morries. The cute black and white dog out front was the main draw card (I have animal tourette syndrome) and I heard the coffee was good. The food was homemade and to die for. If you're ever out this way be sure to stop in.

Off to drive around in the dying micra and see where it takes us!

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Location:Church St,Bright,Australia

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