Tuesday, June 7, 2011

S is for

26 posts for the 26 letters of the alphabet. Today's post is brought to you by the letter 'S'. When I get to Z, I will draw the REread prize pack. To win it click here and get social.  

S is for shameless self promotion and 'Sun' from MasterChef! Click here to see what I'm on about. Now to more things S. Like Sunday, sleeping-in, salty licorice (Salmiakki) and Sybil (the wonder dog).  Sunday, it's got to be my favourite day of the week, as I'm usually getting into the groove of the weekend by then. On a typical Sunday we sleep-in, make a big breakfast courtesy of the Hussain and the Dominions of Hate (our three delightful chickens) drink cups of tea and soak up the morning sun. I also like to make stuff on a Sunday. Last weekend I made a massive 'Two Nut Torte', there were only two nuts to eat it though. So it was relegated to the freezer for later. Salmiakki, if you have not tried it you must! It's like Vegemite meets licorice., dang! And lastly S is for Sybil. Sybil the RSPCA special who for the bargain basement price of $185 has given me seven years of devotion with a few 'bad dog' moments thrown in.

One of the girls checking on the tea ...

All pets in one shot ... this is as good as it gets people.

One of the dominions seeing how edible pearls are

Yum - You can gets you some salty Finn treats here

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