Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fingers crossed for the gaijin

I just submitted my application for the Travel Volunteer '100 days in Japan' blogging opportunity - fingers crossed! I have never been to Japan and have always wanted to go, so 100 days to blog my way around the land of the setting sun would be pretty alright.  So fingers crossed ... and I think they'd so digg my brooches in Japan :)

Let's go ... A Natsumi Hayashi photo from here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday it's a shark ...

I grew up I Port Douglas ... yeah that sucks! We had this amazing Robinson Crusoe type house on the hill. It had no doors or windows, it was a round pole house with thatched shutters we would open and prop up with lengths of bamboo.

The house was also only a stones throw from the beach, so we spent a lot of time in the water getting dreadlock kinda knots in our hair. One Friday after school my best friend and I were swimming and yakking our heads off a few meters from the shore when we noticed a fin ... gulp. We both screamed and swam rapidly back to shore with the cello soundtrack playing perilously in the background.

We were standing on the sand pointing and yelling 'shark' when my dad appeared (my dad seems to just do that) and said 'all right you two, calm down they're dolphins.' We looked again and sure enough the circling fins were actually dolphin fins arcing in the shallows, aweeeee. 

Being the sheer moronic kids we were at age 10, we both swam back out and began to make 'dolphin noises' underwater in the hope that they'd swim under us offering a ride on their backs. Evidently these dolphins were not cut from the same cloth that Flipper was and they swam off in the depths as we waved, clicked grunted after them.

Did you comment in last Thursday's post? Yes ... are you 'By Meg's Pen' ? Hells yeah you have won the reread brooch ... I'll make it up and pop it in the mail!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When we were little we were very often taken out of school for week or so long Coral Sea adventures. We had a wonderful big boat 'Lumi', snow in Finnish, that we would taken on salty adventures. I learnt to swim on that boat, we were 'children overboard' and expected to drift along the reef fringe with Dad until we were picked up as the reef ended and we were headed toward Vanuatu.

One of my memorable trips was the time we went to Princess Charlotte Bay for a week. When we arrived it was the most beautiful, still day and the bay looked like something from a Bond film.

Dad bundled us all into the rubber ducky and we headed toward the beach for a spot of fishing! My little brother and I were playing in the sand as Mum and Dad walked along the beach with the drag net.

All of a sudden I can hear Dad yelling 'get in the boat, quick now ...' so we both legged it and jumped in as the outboard powered up and we took off. As I looked back Mum was pointing a a massive, fat saltwater croc who was lying on the beach ... About 100 meters from where we'd been playing. That was the day we opted out of being the apptiser.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's baby birds ...

For the next week I will be posting gorgeous old images from vintage children's books and accompanying them with a 'Dad story'.  Most people are familiar with the Dad story, however if you're not here's the 411. It's a story that gets told two to four times per year. Usually on occasions where said Dad has captive audience. Dad stories are generally mildly funny and always told with the enthusiasm as the legendary 'first telling'. Often names, dates and places take a little poetic licence and Janet will become Janice etc. etc.

Join in if you like and tell your 'Dad story' ... leave a link below with Mr Linky. Also you have until Thursday to get comment here to win a REread brooch!

Batty was our orphaned flying fox. He was a cute little guy who smelt like fermenting paw paw and liked to hang from the rear view mirror when Mum drove us to school. My best friend and I loved this unoriginally  named little guy, we took him for walks on the beach, to the family dinner at the pub and we tried our hardest to teach him to fly. 

We wanted Batty to learn to fly so he could join his noisy bat friends and so we could get another little orphan to play with once he'd 'returned to nature'. So we took to hanging him from the monkey bar we had hanging from the rafters in the house. We stood there night after night swinging him higher and higher. His thin, veined black wings would open up and he'd flap, flap and ... nothing. Maybe this bat was not going to fly, maybe he'd just be a fluffy dice substitute forever.

On the night he finally did learn to fly we were all sitting on the veranda watching his flapping routine and then suddenly he did it. Batty launched himself off the monkey bar swing and with a wonderful sounding 'whoop' he took off. On about his third 'whoop' a rather large, white owl descended from out of nowhere grabbed our dear friend in his talons and promptly flew off into the dusk. 

We stood there agape as the awful screaming trailed off into the distance and my Dad said very matter of factly "well, ... that's nature kids." Batty was our last orphan flying fox. Mum just got us some guinea pigs after that.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's circle ... it's a bit kitsch

Firstly ... get commenting on Thursday's post ( below this one) for your chance to win a REread brooch. Today is Friday, the day before the weekend. A day to wind down and have a beverage 4pm at work. A day to wake up feeling good and getting ready for the weekend. A day to knock-off and meet the boy for noodles and a beer in the Valley. I love Friday, not as much as Saturday and Sunday but it's certainly the golden child of the weekdays. Soviet Vintage is the Etsy circle of choice for today, check her shop out for some wonderful gift ideas for you best comrades!

Vintage Black Tura Cat Eye Eyeglasses Frame ... from here.

1970s cow family ... here

Hitchcock 'The Birds' pillow ... from here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's circle ... it's a winner!

So, I have decided to give away a little brooch for this post. In this post I have included some circle favourites from Edward and Lilly's Etsy shop. Leave me a comment and win a REread brooch! I will make a custom 'circle' brooch for the winner. So enjoy the lovely Etsy bits and bobs below and get commenting!

Some of my brooches ... to win one, just leave a comment!

Mr. Tea Pink Teacup and Saucer from Lenny Mud.

My Favourite Spot in Winter Cushion from the gorgeous Belle and Boo

Geometric art print mod mini dress from Persephone Vintage.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday's cirlce ... it's hot!

For Wednesday I'm looking at Hot Toffee's circles on Etsy. Hot Toffee is a very clever glass (and other things) artist from Queensland, Australia. She is also a member of the super cool collective that is BrisStyle. Here are some of the neat things that her 'circle' have made favourites!

Matryoshka doll pillows from Sugar and Fig

Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard Apricot Airways! Tida Beads.

  Important Information 003: Six degrees of seperation explained, Archival Art Print - Original illustration by Penelope and Pip

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's circle ... delicious!

Today's circle favourite are from the ever cool, very PC Trixie Delicious! This cool cat scouts out vintage cups, plates etc and then spices them up with the F word and other such unladylike terms. I love her sense of humour and I also happen to  like her circle favourites too!

Doll heads ... fun! From Burnt Off Fingers

I'd Share My Shake With You Milkshake Bunnies Vintage Illustrated Plate

Vintage Green Enamel Kettle Country Farmhouse ... from Emelia's Cupboards.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's circle ...

This week I will be posting about Etsy circles. The first notification I revived telling me that I was now 'added to So and So's circle" I was like 'wha'? I've grown to love the circle, the ever expanding group of cool stuff I can buy from Etsy. Today I'm looking at  the very cute Beppie Bags store, here are some of her favourites!

Vintage Retro Homestyle G PLAN Armchairs c1957 ... here

CHRISTMAS IN JULY Vintage Manual Typewriter by Royal in Cadet Blue ... here

Set of 4. Yellow Striped Drinking Glasses ... here

Bitch altered vintage teacup ... here

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's go shopping - want.

I'm playing along with the BrisStyle team and looking at some delightful little things that I just 'want' from Etsy. To read the BrisStyle post featuring some clever BrisStyle members click here.

Here you go Julia ... your own personal carbon offset necklace! How cool is this wearable planter!
Click here to read more about Colleen Jordan's shop. 

It's a lightbox and it's got a wee, cute deer! I am in love with this little shop from Greece, La Boom!

Soviet coffee grinder ... hells yeah! From Soviet Vintage.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty, old, trendy New Farm ...

Spent a few hours today walking around New Farm, down by the river. It's such a pretty, old suburb with a mix of young, trendy hipsters, old ducks who've lived there since the 50s and students carrying home 10kg bags of rice. Brisbane is a wonderful little city, it really grows on you.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An instagram free announcement

I recently bought myself an iPad .. ohhh the wonderful feeling that comes with buying a toy you don't need and (the money you spent on it) could have fed a tribe of Russian orphans for a month. I downloaded the instagram app and have joined the radical movement of taking very ordinary photos and making them look cute by 'instagraming' them. If you're not familiar with the appy phenomenon, it gives the photo a 70s, Polaroid look, kinda like the snaps from your family albums. Picture your Dad with a big shit-eating grin on his face in short shorts holding a can of VB on the porch with Labby the family mutt - but without Dad and instead you've taken a photo of a wooden bamboo spoon with bits of dried rice stuck to it. Amazing huh! These photos are from my recent ski/drive/gaining weight holiday in Victoria. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm going to get all indie on your ...

This Saturday I'll be market girl at Hamilton (Brisbane) in my big blue tent selling my wares and chatting to anyone who'll listen. It's such great fun being a market lass, making stuff that I love and then selling it to people who appreciate it really puts a smile on my dial. I get to meet some great peeps at the markets, odd ones, funny ones, offended ones! But all in all it's usually great day out for everyone involved. I'm especially lucky to be a part of BrisStyle - an amazing team who are passionate about local, handmade. We're claiming back the suburban consumers one softie doll at a time!

The BrisStyle indie Designer Markets are on this Saturday, July 9th in Hamilton - Racecourse Road from 9am until 2pm.

YDM July 3 2011

After a week of holidays in Victoria I was back in the market saddle first thing Sunday morning. The weather was good, which is always a bonus for a market stall full of fabric and vintage paper! Met some wonderful folks who thought my cards were great and laughed their way through the whole pile. It's such a nice feeling when people comment positively on your work. My next market is this weekend ... in Hamilton. More details to come in the next few blog posts.

Oh, and I went a little bonkers on the instagram thingo ...

Monday, July 4, 2011

A change is as good as ...

A holiday. Well sort of. I am going to change the blog background and the header this week to keep it fresh and interesting. To the vintage children's books I go ...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Qantas club, it's all for free

So the holiday is over, the rental has been dropped off filthy and I have a new pair of marimekko shoes. All is good with the world. I am currently in the Qantas club lounge (as a guest, I'm not that posh) and have tried one of everything ... Why not it's free! Holidays are great, however I'm looking forward to seeing old Sybil again and having tea on tap. Melbourne, it was good seeing you again, thanks for the memories.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

How are you ladies going?

Welcome to Daylesford. A cute little country town full of beautiful heritage buildings and wide streets. We stayed at the Manse, what a place, although I think there was also a ghost checked in. He was moving ghosty furniture about the place at 2am.

On our first night we opted for a cheap, no fuss dinner and went to an interesting Indian joint on the main drag. Well, this was a dining experience like no other. A Indian man and his cute family beamed at us from an A3 size photo on the wall. That however was as indian as this was going to get. We exchanged glances as the vamp-like host 'Stella' yelled loudly across the restaurant and constantly berated the poor 15 year old waif who was trying her pierced-faced best to wait on patrons.

Halfway through the meal, vamp woman swanned over and asked 'so how are you ladies going?' The full-face beard seemed to go unnoticed by our Transylvanian like host.

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