Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's circle ... it's a bit kitsch

Firstly ... get commenting on Thursday's post ( below this one) for your chance to win a REread brooch. Today is Friday, the day before the weekend. A day to wind down and have a beverage 4pm at work. A day to wake up feeling good and getting ready for the weekend. A day to knock-off and meet the boy for noodles and a beer in the Valley. I love Friday, not as much as Saturday and Sunday but it's certainly the golden child of the weekdays. Soviet Vintage is the Etsy circle of choice for today, check her shop out for some wonderful gift ideas for you best comrades!

Vintage Black Tura Cat Eye Eyeglasses Frame ... from here.

1970s cow family ... here

Hitchcock 'The Birds' pillow ... from here.

1 comment:

Teneale said...

I love reading your blog Hayley. And you've found so much awesomeness on Etsy this week. Holy shit, my wallet is just screaming right now like Amy Winehouse 'no, no, no'.

T x

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