Friday, July 1, 2011

How are you ladies going?

Welcome to Daylesford. A cute little country town full of beautiful heritage buildings and wide streets. We stayed at the Manse, what a place, although I think there was also a ghost checked in. He was moving ghosty furniture about the place at 2am.

On our first night we opted for a cheap, no fuss dinner and went to an interesting Indian joint on the main drag. Well, this was a dining experience like no other. A Indian man and his cute family beamed at us from an A3 size photo on the wall. That however was as indian as this was going to get. We exchanged glances as the vamp-like host 'Stella' yelled loudly across the restaurant and constantly berated the poor 15 year old waif who was trying her pierced-faced best to wait on patrons.

Halfway through the meal, vamp woman swanned over and asked 'so how are you ladies going?' The full-face beard seemed to go unnoticed by our Transylvanian like host.

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Carmen said...

That is too funny! Have fun in Daylesford. Don't forget to visit Bocconcini, they have the nicest people I've ever met there.

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