Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday it's a shark ...

I grew up I Port Douglas ... yeah that sucks! We had this amazing Robinson Crusoe type house on the hill. It had no doors or windows, it was a round pole house with thatched shutters we would open and prop up with lengths of bamboo.

The house was also only a stones throw from the beach, so we spent a lot of time in the water getting dreadlock kinda knots in our hair. One Friday after school my best friend and I were swimming and yakking our heads off a few meters from the shore when we noticed a fin ... gulp. We both screamed and swam rapidly back to shore with the cello soundtrack playing perilously in the background.

We were standing on the sand pointing and yelling 'shark' when my dad appeared (my dad seems to just do that) and said 'all right you two, calm down they're dolphins.' We looked again and sure enough the circling fins were actually dolphin fins arcing in the shallows, aweeeee. 

Being the sheer moronic kids we were at age 10, we both swam back out and began to make 'dolphin noises' underwater in the hope that they'd swim under us offering a ride on their backs. Evidently these dolphins were not cut from the same cloth that Flipper was and they swam off in the depths as we waved, clicked grunted after them.

Did you comment in last Thursday's post? Yes ... are you 'By Meg's Pen' ? Hells yeah you have won the reread brooch ... I'll make it up and pop it in the mail!

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