Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's circle ... it's a winner!

So, I have decided to give away a little brooch for this post. In this post I have included some circle favourites from Edward and Lilly's Etsy shop. Leave me a comment and win a REread brooch! I will make a custom 'circle' brooch for the winner. So enjoy the lovely Etsy bits and bobs below and get commenting!

Some of my brooches ... to win one, just leave a comment!

Mr. Tea Pink Teacup and Saucer from Lenny Mud.

My Favourite Spot in Winter Cushion from the gorgeous Belle and Boo

Geometric art print mod mini dress from Persephone Vintage.


the desert foxx said...

That mod dress is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I have that exact Mr Tea teacup in my Etsy favourites. Never fails to make me smile... in a hard way of course! ;)

Meg said...

I have a lovely collection of brooches, but those brooches are just devine! I do also wish that I was wearing that dress today...I wish it was warm enough to be wearing a dress like that today, and not 3 long sleeve tops under my dress... Thanks for the eye candy :)

Michelle Walker said...

Oh please enter me in the comp i love your badges. I am a fairly new follower but i visit often to stalk your market goodies and set up.
I love Belle and boo as well...i got given a card from them once and its still on my wall.

Unknown said...

ohhh a crafty stalker!! ... thanks!! ;)

simoneil said...

thanks for another chance to win. Belle and boo are in my faves too.

simmilucious (at) gmail (dot) com

Kate said...

That dress is super cute!
Of course I would love to put my hand up for a chance to win one of your gorgeous brooches and wear it around Australia as we go.
have a great Friday.

Unknown said...

I'll give it a go, you're brooches are ace!

Rach x

Teneale said...

Don't you dare put soy milk in that tea cup, or you'll be whipped by Mr. T!

Love your blog Hayley. (miss) T x

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