Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When we were little we were very often taken out of school for week or so long Coral Sea adventures. We had a wonderful big boat 'Lumi', snow in Finnish, that we would taken on salty adventures. I learnt to swim on that boat, we were 'children overboard' and expected to drift along the reef fringe with Dad until we were picked up as the reef ended and we were headed toward Vanuatu.

One of my memorable trips was the time we went to Princess Charlotte Bay for a week. When we arrived it was the most beautiful, still day and the bay looked like something from a Bond film.

Dad bundled us all into the rubber ducky and we headed toward the beach for a spot of fishing! My little brother and I were playing in the sand as Mum and Dad walked along the beach with the drag net.

All of a sudden I can hear Dad yelling 'get in the boat, quick now ...' so we both legged it and jumped in as the outboard powered up and we took off. As I looked back Mum was pointing a a massive, fat saltwater croc who was lying on the beach ... About 100 meters from where we'd been playing. That was the day we opted out of being the apptiser.

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