Monday, August 1, 2011

Irkutsk, smiles are free

I'm back at work after a little break and already I'm getting nostalgic about travelling. I think it must almost be time to pack my rucksack and head off into the wild blue yonder for some bouts of gastro and a SD card full of memories. 

I am yearning for a long trip on a bus, train, motorcycle or my two feet over a great deal of km. My last really big trip was the trans Siberian in 2008, oh so long ago! I think India wold be nice with a little side trip to Pakistan or maybe a train ride up through Vietnam. Who knows, but the feet are itching and my little red backpack is peering over at me saying 'please take me out'.

"In the first few seconds an aching sadness wrenched his heart, but it soon gave way to a feeling of sweet disquiet, the excitement of gypsy wanderlust" 
— Mikhail Bulgakov

These were taken in Irkutsk ... one of Siberia's largest cities.
Also one of Siberia's largest smile to eye contact ratio.




Wow, that second last photograph is beautiful, so haunting..

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures!

Unknown said...

I love those blue shudders! Awesome photos.

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