Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three good reasons you should get your indie on this Friday

Hip, hip hooray ... the next installment of the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market is on this Friday, so get your craft on and come say hi. If you are not lucky enough to live in or be visiting Bris Vegas on Friday 19 August then here's a little snapshot of the goodies that will be on sale on the night. If you do live in Brisbane, then put on your best cloche hat and come down to support local, handmade. Here are three good reason to market it up this Friday ...

Those darn Fruit Bats have been causing some grief in Queensland these past few week ...  but this bat is harmless, the only thing you'll catch from this bat is compliments. Origami baby bat pin - blood red from Catamation.

Thar she blows ... Baby whale - sterling silver necklace from Orange Sherbert.

Now read the top line for me ... Eye chart brooch from Gone Dotti.

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Anonymous said...

This is completely unrelated to your post, but I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful brooch that arrived this morning. It was my first ever etsy purchase(a rite of passage). I was thrilled with it - and I loved the whimsical packaging in the series of handmade envelopes almost as much as the brooch itself. I photographed every stage of the unwrapping. (The cat was most concerened. I think she was afraid I was developing OCD.) Thanks again for sending such a lovely package.

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