Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've just spent five days in tropical north Queensland, living it up in Mossman. The spring weather turned it on and the blue skies were out in force. The people in Mossman are a bit 'whoa your eyes seem to be quite close together' but the natural beauty of the place makes up for the branchless family trees.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bridge ...

Walking across one of Brisbane's many beautiful bridges on a lovely spring evening.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, shopping in Fitzroy

After dropping one of the Demented Frogs off for her Sunday shift, the remaining band member and I went for a big breakfast. Dimitri's Feast ... broad beans and goats cheese, you were destined to be together. The place is very cute, good service and a menu with the works. It's a goer!

Shopping, we checked out 1001 pound bend. Awesome little cafe with a handmade Market upstairs, well worth the trip. Next up we're in Fitzroy shopping it up at the Rose st market. Very nice, very nice indeed. More shopping on the street and a quick bite to eat before we literally raced to the airport to catch my flight with the 'great unwashed'. I'm now blogging on the plane as a small child kicks the back of my chair and her vowel rounding deficient parents talk a very inane talk. Monte, Bianca and Kayla ... Thank you for such an enjoyable flight.

Saturday, shopping, spag bog, spring punch and sweet island wine

Yesterday, I spent the day in Melbourne with friends I have known for a very long time. We actually had a band in primary school called The Demented Frogs. The band has broken up, but we're still talking.

We shopped out little hearts out in Yarraville, ate a big bowl of spag bog at Pellegrini's espresso bar, welcomed spring at Madame Brussels and then topped it off with a mulled wine at Ponyfish Island.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring has almost, almost sprung

It's warming up. The days are getting longer and the sun outside is just lovely to sit in on a Sunday at Redcliffe with a flask of tea and a few cling-wrapped sangas. Spring the golden child of all the seasons. 

I am taking a bit of a market break over the next two months to enjoy the weather and spend some quality time cleaning up after myself and not making a helluva crafty mess. I'll get back into it when the punters begin to panic buy for Christmas and when the Brisbane weather turns into a humid, sweltering turd. 

Cute, wee baby animals - from here

Deer, sweet woodland fellow

A wee duck, maybe I'll make a line of little ducklings?

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