Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stuff I fricken love - Lingham's chilli

Hello blog. Sorry I've been away, a bit distracted, too caught-up with work, dogs, budget airlines etc. I'm back and have made a resolve to get back to the 'art of crafting'. It makes me happy, it keeps me out of trouble and I get to swan about in lovely crafty circles full of wonderful people like you!

The next few blog post are about stuff I love, things I can't live without, things I miss when I go overseas. Number one ... let's keep it simple and hot. It's Lingham's chilli sauce, yummy, natural ingredients and no garlic. Don't get me wrong, I've no beef with garlic I just prefer it stay out of my chilli, sugary goodness. The particular sauce has a life partner - sour cream. You need to go and get you some of this red deliciousness. Hot dang!

Contrasting chilli from here

Arty chilli from here

Ego chilli from here


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