Sunday, December 18, 2011

postcode instgarm

If I don't have my iPad on the train on the way home, I think a lot. I think about things I want to make ... like eco cotton tips made from tightly rolled recycled paper and sterilised bits of old fabric. My latest choo choo synapse moment was a blog called 'postcodeagram'. I like the idea of making a blog that is a collection of instagram images simply with just the postcode for the tile ... and then geotag the post. Anyway, we'll see how much gusto I have over the holidays and maybe in January 2012 I'll have a new blog to fill my evenings with wireless hours.

Here are some from my postcode ... 4054


Kimmie said...

Pssst we share the same postcode :]

Le said...

Brisbane and it's Jacarandas ... too fab we had lots at 4051 as well - will be back at 4053 come Feb 2012 - can't wait - best le xox

nadine paduart said...

what a grand idea. ideas surely don't shy away from you, it's what i appreciate so much here. it is behind the work that you day, it's tangible. i love your blog lay out, and i shall look forward to the manifestation of your above mentioned intention.

thank you for stopping over at mine! now i am reminded!!
(above postcode.... almost somewhere here in the belgian ardennes... tee-hee. oh! you could make it global, your idea...)

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