Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you 2012stagram, it was nice

This year I've been a total social media tart - I'm reflecting on 2012 as a year of instagraming my feet, food and dog. Wow you ay, what an interesting a cultured found lady this reread must be! It was a good year, like other year it had some ups and some downs - but overall I'm still here and I'm still taking photos of my dumplings with an iPad. 

 Focusing on the highs some great things I did this year are ...

Cupcakes - I made so many yummy cupcakes - January 16.
Went to see the baby turtles for my Birthday weekend - 20 January, Bundaberg.
Went home to see the olds - 21 March Julatten, Queensland.
Quick trip to Vietnam - 21 April, DaNang
Did lots of great markets - 14 July, Brisbane 
Made lots of yummy food - desk lunch 17 July, Brisbane 
Took doggo to airport for a tropical holiday - 25 July, Brisbane
Traipsed all over South East Asia - 25 September, Laos 
Took a week to drive up the east coast - October, Coffs Coast

Went to the beach - a lot - Burleigh Heads, Queensland
Took Sybil for many walks - lost 5kg - Brisbane
Made lots of crafty shit - Brisbane
Bought some trash from the op-shop - read lots - Brisbane

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pigeon giveaway ... wooo woooo

I'm up for another giveaway to bring in 2013 - so here it is! Just leave me a comment, tweet this post  the Twitter handle @reread or use the linky to enter and share your wonderful blog too.

This lovely pigeon brooch is up for grabs. It has been handmade by my and is made from an old children's book with a clear resin coating. I'll draw a winner on Wednesday, 2 January 2013. Good luck and thanks to all my lovely blog readers from 2012.

Blu tac, old doors and calico

I've been looking at other Etsyians to generate ideas for 'the perfect photo'. Some people really have the knack - I'm still trying and hopefully one day I'll get there. My problem (essentially) is that I'm in too much of a god damn hurry, so I rush things. I don't iron the fabric I'm using (story of my life), I don't move all the crap on the veranda so I have to squeeze myself into silly little spaces to get the right light, I rush things. For my most recent 'shoot' I actually iron the calico, got some nice Pyrex bowls out (and cleaned them) and and used blu tac to stick things to the nice old wooden door we have out the back. 

I did up a little treasury with some great photos to help get ideas and to promote the folk who are doing a smashing job. Here's my most recent attempt at 'the perfect Etsy pic.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jesus, you're vague

I'm making a special batch of cards to put in my little Frankie package - I need to pick five nice ones, but they also need to convey my style - so how rude is too rude for Frankie? Mr reread says cutsie is better than swearing Jesus. I don't know, what do you think?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yo Frankie

I am thinking about sending a little pack of my handmade lovelies to Frankie. If you're reading this blog you most likely also read Frankie - the magazine of choice for the neo nana. When I get a new copy in my hot little hand I like to get all 'settled' somewhere (preferable bed) with a cup of tea and my iPad (so I can look up the neat things and enter the giveaways). I always feel so inspired after I read it, I feel like going to the op-shop to find souvenir spoons for a new project, uploading more things to my Etsy shop, writing an article... 

Do you love Frankie? What's your indulgent magazine of choice? I also have a penchant for the food mags - nom. Tags for Frankie ... I hope they like them! 

Russians, bull's blood and a whole lot of gardening

We're renting at the moment which means I can't make a raised garden bed, plant natives and dump all my kitchen scraps in the yard. To compensate for my lack of gardening facilities I've been gathering pots and  random vessels from the Tip Shop to plant my ebay seeds in. You'd be surprised at how many amazing seeds you can get your grubby mitts on. Heaps of people are cashing in on the whole doomsday thing - like this fruit loop selling 'survival packs';

"The Bible says that "A wise man sees danger ahead and prepares himself" This seed bank can and will be more valuable in times like this than gold or silver..."

I'm into the weird ones (veggies not people), the heirloom ones and the fun ones like mega-hot, burn your ring-hole chilli varieties. Once we get our new place I'm going to go freakin burko in the backyard, we'll have black Russians, Tiny Tim dwarves and bull's blood beets- yum. 

Below are my black oriental radish sprouts, a Thai chilli, black Russian tomato flowers and some very enthusiastic mint that my mum put in a hanging basket.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ah, it's the sweet baby cheeses

Merry day off, merry Christmas, merry whatever - I'm not religious and there are people all over Australia who have different beliefs who also have the day off, so thanks Jesus. I made food gifts this Christmas - glacé ginger coated in dark chocolate, Suomalaiset piparkakut (Finnish gingersnaps) and the chilli sauce featured here. It's a lovely day here in Brisbane, it's nice just having the day off and making a mess in the kitchen. The winner of the gift tags was this lovely lassie ...

I'm really into buying seeds from ebay at the moment -
so many great seeds an only about a buck each!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Clever wrap ...

I like to wrap things up - I also am a big fan of gift giving - I must get that from my mum who likes to buy me stuff (really good stuff!). 

I think Christmas is a bit stupid and quite excessive but I do like a few little well-thought-out handmade gifts. I like to give people things that  mean something and look really sweet. I made Mr reread's mum some gift tags and a paper-heart garland - I took an Instagram pic and then printed it out and used it as wrapping paper - cute! Do you like to wrap stuff? I have a giveaway here for ten beautiful handmade gift tags so you can go nuts wrapping and gifting in 2013.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tag, you want it?

I have a little giveaway going on ... to enter is simple;
  • just tweet this post with @reread or 
  • comment or 
  • like my Facebook page
I have been making heaps of these and thought it might be nice to share the love - get in quick as I will draw a winner tomorrow night. Merry Christmas!

Up for grabs a pack of ten little gift tags (like these ones) - for all your future gift giving needs.

Ohhh, some nice things I found

I have been putting together some Etsy Treasuries lately and through the process I end up finding really nice stuff by very awesome peeps. Once I'm gainfully employed (fingers crossed I get something in January!) I am going to treat myself to one nice handmade thing a week - that's 52 nice things by the end of 2013. I might start with this print... oh, la la.  

Click the image for the Esty URL.

and then this brooch...

Yeah, and then this...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hot dang, DIY Lingham's chilli sauce

As mentioned in previous posts, I love the sweet, garlic-free goodness of Lingham's chilli sauce. From a factory in Butterworth, Malaysia to my table in Brisvegas it's the best chilli condiment on the market, until now. I went and bought a whole heaps of red chillies from the fruit barn, some ginger and spent an hour in the kitchen trying not to rub my eyes with chilli fingers. I just used the ingredients listed on the bottle - chilli, sugar, ginger and vinegar. Yum!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Facebook sale ...

I have 25% off everything in my Etsy shop until Christmas ... just use the coupon code FACEBOOK25 at the checkout. Thanks to everyone who has come along to a market or bought something from my Made It or Etsy store this year - you all rock. Click here to see my Etsy shop. 

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