Thursday, January 26, 2012

See you later f--kwitts

I recently took a long weekend for my my birthday and drove to Bundaberg to see the turtles with Mr Reread.  The town is described as 'modern and progressive' in the tourism brochure - the locals didn't get the memo. We booked in to a beach-side cabin resort, of which our cabin was unfortunately next door to an entire family or 'ford' of bogans. Mr Bogan was up at 8am the first morning 'thonging' through the carport directly behind our bedroom and emptying an endless supply of empty bottles into the Otto. Delightful.

Driving toward Bargara
Closed on Sunday - good thing we didn't need any fuzzy dice or a gun

On the Sunday, we drove out to a national park, that turned out to be more of a swamp and took a little turn around the swampy grasslands, it was pretty. We arrived back into Bundaberg looking to eat the arse out of a low-flying duck. Do you think there are any cafes open on a Sunday? No, there is not and apparently Woolies in Bundy observes the Sabbath too. We eventually found an IGA and made a dodgy salad of sorts before the 'turtles'.

These cute macropods were just chilling in someone's front yard

That night we went down to Mon Repos for the turtle experience. This is what made the trip totally worth the while. We were in the first group to go down to the beach. Standing in the darkness with 10 billion twinkling stars above us we got to see a nest of hatchlings emerge and run down the beach to the ocean. Only about one in 1000 of these little guys will survive to adulthood. Nature's a bitch huh.

Babies don't get much cuter than this
Just hatched - a baby loggerhead
Using torches to guide them to the ocean

On our last morning we had breakfast in the main street with the locals paddling in the significantly shallow gene pool. As we made our way to the car a tall, pock-faced boy walked by us and bode farewell to his mate who had ducked into a clothing store 'see ya later fuckwitt'. And that was the closing chapter of our Bundaberg weekend.

If you're ever up that way make sure you see the turtles. And don't bother going to the 'mystery craters' on the way to Gin Gin. The biggest mystery is why we paid $7.50 to see some slimy holes in some lady's backyard? 

'Mystery craters' and a hairstyle that really needs to be Photoshoped


Tracey said...

Oh dear ... well at least the turtles were cute.
... and I thought the craters at least had kitschy appeal?

Hey Harriet said...

Yeah Bundaberg certainly is an interesting little place! I stopped in there late last year and found a brochure in the dodgy motel I stayed in about the turtles. I was hoping to visit this month to see the cute critters but couldn't take the time off work :(

I'm glad you enjoyed the turtle experience and blogged about it!

Chrisy said...

aaah bundaberg...aaaah the beachside cabin resort....aaaah the bogans....sadly this is too toooo familiar (2011) like the worst bits of here, toowoomba, have been magnified...why why why do those beautiful turtles have to nest there!

Kylie C said...

Hahaham the craters crack me up. Every high school geography field trip ended up there. I go there for funnies. There's a shed of farm machinery to browse and a fibreglass dinosaur and commentary on tape!

My dad (who lives in Bundy) made the mistake of visiting Bundy Bogan the other day. He said it was full of racist paraphernalia. That will really help get rid of the bigotry in Bundaberg!

Sigh. You can see why I moved away when I turned 18.

STYLEFOX said...

I totally thought it was L.Donaldson too, it's actually a model named Denisa Dvorakova. Loved flicking through your photos, I'm headed over to NZ in Sept so you're making me crazy excited. Aus is definitely on the cards for a visit!


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