Friday, March 2, 2012

Sybil - pros and cons

Sybil came home with me from the RSPCA about eight years ago. She was ten months old and had been a street dog who had suffered some type of abuse as she was quite a timid thing. She had a name like 'Shara' but I knew she was a Sybil, so after Cybill Shepard (she's half Belgian Shepard) and Sybil Fawlty I named my new best friend. 

Over the years we have had a love hate relationship - she always loves me, no matter what and I hate it when she; rolls in something dead, walks inside wet and leans against the wall, eats chicken shit then licks me, farts and then leaves the room, looks me dead in the eye as she lowers her arse to the polished wooden floor for a 'schooch'. But as many cons as Sybil has she has one redeeming pro - she's my dog. There is something so wonderful about getting home and looking into that face, full of absolute adoration and trust.

So Sybil, I know we threaten to take you back to the RSCPA every time you bark like a spazmoid at a bus when you're tied in the back of the ute or snack from the bin - but we won't. You're the coolest dog ever.

The many faces of Sybil ...


This beautiful old kelpie is 19 years old ... part of Isa Leshko's 'elderly animals' series.

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