Saturday, June 30, 2012

To market, this Sunday at South Bank

Tomorrow's Young Designers Market will be my second last market for 2012. We are packing up and moving out and going on a big holiday ... I can't wait. The getting there part is the hard bit, cleaning, packing, renting out the house, yikes!

If you're in Brisbane come along and say hi, it's going to be a stunning winter's day -

One of the last cards I made ...

Some kid whose childhood book I'm making into cards ...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things to pack on a Mongolian holiday

One: a razor. Especially if you have shaved your lady bikini line before heading out on a five week trans Mongolian adventure.

We arrived in Ulaanbaatar after a long, a very long trip from Moscow. I think it was 78 hours on a train.

After a night of washing in delectable hot showers and eating food that was not rehydrated we were up bright and early and piled into a shit box of a car heading to the steppe.


My two oldest friends and I hired some horses and a guide and rode off into the vast nothingness for three days.


It was amazing, it was huge, it was life changing, I did not take a crap for the entire time. I am not sure how, medically it was even possible, but when faced with an icy wind and not a tree in sight I just managed to hold it.

There was poop on this trip, we used it for fuel. At night we played a game called 'rock or poo'. Basically it involved walking around in the dark collecting horse shit to burn on the fire.

"Found some!"

"Rock or poo?"

"Poo." And then we made fire.

Anyway, apart from the retention of three day's worth or organic material making me slightly uncomfortable, I was begining to realise why nomadic women don't bother waxing.


Four days in a wooden sadle without a shower and I was beginning to get, let's say, a little itchy. By the time we got back to Ulaanbaatar all I could think about locating was a 7Eleven and a god damn daisy shaver. A bit of good exfoliation was not going to go astray either.

With a John Waynesque walk I was 'desperately seeking shaving'. I did find a pink plastic little number to return my nether regions to a state of grace. 'Onwards and upwards' I said and we treated ourselves to a bit of posh nosh in a fancy restaurant. They served horse.

I opted for the mutton dumplings, like the ones we'd eated on the train platforms, handed over in dirty cupped hands by cardboard-faced ladies. They left a lasting impression, but not in a good way. A 4am dash to the communal bathroom and there's that moment when you think "what end to I put on first?" I still can not eat dumplings.

I boarded the train the next day, very shaky, a little hagged and somewhat woebegone.

Two: other travel stuff and don't forget that razor.

I love you iPad and new EOS...

I recently bought a new DSLR - a Canon EOS 1100d ... Swoon. I also bought an el cheapo camera connection kit for the iPad from eBay. I just tried it out and it works sweet! I am so ready for three months in Asia. I'll be blogging my little heart out! Woo hoo, bring on the holiday.

Breakfast of TNQ red paw paw with lime in my hot Pyrex ramekin bowls taken on my new EOS 1100d.


Monday, June 25, 2012

The story of the black heart, Mrs Schubert and my mad-as-fu*k mother 1985

Last night for some reason Mr reread and I were talking about religion and why I disagree with so many fundamental elements of so many religions. It got me thinking about if I have ever believed in God, any type or form of 'a' god. I do remember being quite apprehensive about the whole thing for a while when I was young (we're talking under ten years here) - I remember 'praying' on a few occasions, more of an insurance policy 'just in case'.

I told Mr reread about my first experience with religion and it goes a little something like this...

It was 1985, a backwater little town named Bethanga and I was in prep. My mum, a card-carrying atheist, daughter of a chemical engineer and man of science, outlined that I was not to partake in any religious educations lessons. Apparently Mrs Shubert, an Assemblies of God woman on a mission thought that I looked like a child in need of a little guidance.

Mum discovered Mrs Schubert's extracurricular religious activities while I was sitting on the kitchen table and asked, "why do I have a black heart and the other girls have pink hearts with pearls on them". Now, I was a real a talker, a babbler and I was known to utter some absolute rot, but this, my mother thought was a bit far-fetched. 

After some gentle interrogation it was established that Mrs Schubert had approached me while I was in the school yard with my knitting nancy and had imparted some 'fear of God'.

Card-carrying atheist mother goes to principal and discusses the situation. Then she leaves, but only after her head spun around and she projectile vomited on the carpet.

Mr 1985 backwater-Principal was understanding but ultimately a little bit fucking useless - Mrs Schubert was still loitering in the school yard. Mrs Schubert also took it upon herself to call anti-christ mother harassing and asking "what happened to you as child to make you like this?" 

Queue fiery wrath of enraged mother - this is where she spider-walks, backwards down the stairs and writes a letter to the Education Minister. We never heard from Mrs Schubert again, I guess she went off somewhere to sing Kumbaya and prepare bland, starchy meals for her family whom she dressed in skivvies.  

Knitting nancy here.

From Pinterest.

Stich me up

Cute Etsy bits, all stitched with love.

From here.

From here.

From here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thai Wi wha?

Dinner after work at our fave restaurant in the China Town Mall - Thai Wi Rat. However, new chairs were the first 'is this different' moment. Then the green paw paw salad that was just a bit 'meh' and the massaman curry with undercooked potatoes. Gosh darn it, I think it's under new management - and the management is totes not up to scratch.

Said restaurant.

Waiting for my favourite dish ... only to be a bit disappointed.

Friday, June 22, 2012

We're going in opposite directions

Not really, Mr reread and I are heading in the same direction and that direction is south-east Asia, for three months. Woo hoo! That means my last markets for 2012 will be the Young Designers on Sunday, 1 July and then the BrisStyle indie Designers Market on Saturday, 14 July. After that it's packing, selling, leaving stuff on the street, sending Ms Sybil to FNQ for a 'farm stay' and loaning out my beloved wee car. Please do come and see me at the markets - last chance to get a reread card in 2012!

If you have tips and tricks for place to stay, eat, play, sleep in south-east Asia, India and Sri Lanka let me know - also Sybil would much rather stay in Bris Vegas, so if you're keen on three months of dog sitting...? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Testing, testing 'blogsy' one, two, three ...

I'm looking for a great blogging app for the iPad. I've downloaded a few that are just a bit 'meh' so I'm hoping this new Blogsy app will be knight in shining online social media armour. The first drawback I've found is that you need to use images from Flickr or Picasa etc. or to use your iPad images, you'll need to drag them into a linked account (ie. Picasa) and then drag into the post.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Off to find some books...

Today is a public holiday, woot! The Lifeline Bookfest is also on ... double woot! So I'm off to go find some vintage books to rehome and make into lovely little cards.      

From this Pinterest board

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The postcard is dead

So apparently the postcard is dead, Facebook killed it as this news story with uber stupid photo captions points out. I love a good postcard, so it's sad to hear it's going the way of stacked food on oversized white plates and being phased out in preference for more modern communiques. I always try to send one to my mum when I'm on holiday, the sillier the better. I once sent one of a gang and little boys in the nude jumping off a pier? I wonder what the postman thought. Do you still send postcards?

A weird Russian postcard that reads 'save kids'? From here.

From here.

This cool vintage postcard is from a Pinterest board called Mail Art.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I heart hump day

Hello Wednesday ... here are some delightful little hearts all shiny and ready to go to market ... my next market is on July 14 at Hamilton. More info here.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Curse of the high pressure system

OMG, what is with the weather and markets lately? My last five, count them - five, markets it has rained and been miserable. It's a good thing the market lassies are such a sprightly bunch and bring a bit of cheer and colour to the drizzle. I was meant to be at the Young Designers Market today, but after much deliberation and checking BOM I cancelled due to the predicted 'storm'. I spent the day at home, not a drop, not a skerrick of precipitation ... and then the ruddy sun came out. Oh well, onwards and upwards and looking forward to my next market in July. 

Some of the cute stuff I've been working on ...

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