Sunday, June 10, 2012

The postcard is dead

So apparently the postcard is dead, Facebook killed it as this news story with uber stupid photo captions points out. I love a good postcard, so it's sad to hear it's going the way of stacked food on oversized white plates and being phased out in preference for more modern communiques. I always try to send one to my mum when I'm on holiday, the sillier the better. I once sent one of a gang and little boys in the nude jumping off a pier? I wonder what the postman thought. Do you still send postcards?

A weird Russian postcard that reads 'save kids'? From here.

From here.

This cool vintage postcard is from a Pinterest board called Mail Art.

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pulel7 said...

i still send postcards and so do many of my friends. especially inappropriate European cards. there are rules for these inappropriate postcards too. they must be prominently displayed on the refrigerator of the recipient for all eternity. there is a lovely set of breasts on a postcard with an upturned ice-cream on them from Spain and an erotic woodcarving postcard from Nepal.

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