Friday, June 22, 2012

We're going in opposite directions

Not really, Mr reread and I are heading in the same direction and that direction is south-east Asia, for three months. Woo hoo! That means my last markets for 2012 will be the Young Designers on Sunday, 1 July and then the BrisStyle indie Designers Market on Saturday, 14 July. After that it's packing, selling, leaving stuff on the street, sending Ms Sybil to FNQ for a 'farm stay' and loaning out my beloved wee car. Please do come and see me at the markets - last chance to get a reread card in 2012!

If you have tips and tricks for place to stay, eat, play, sleep in south-east Asia, India and Sri Lanka let me know - also Sybil would much rather stay in Bris Vegas, so if you're keen on three months of dog sitting...? 

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