Wednesday, July 25, 2012


... so, I'm halfway through 'fixing' and relocating my blog. I kinda flecked it up a bit so I've had to call in the troops - the troops being elance - an online freelancing site. Once it's all happy and pretty I'll be shouting it from the Twitter rooftops ... but for now I might just let it sit happily half-arsed in cyberspace. If you really want to have a squiz it's

Three random images from Pinterest

Saturday, July 14, 2012

reread has left the market grounds

After a week of Brisbane winter drizzle today turned on the sunshine and the blue skies. It was a perfect day to send off my last few market items to the lovely people who dropped in.

There were dumplings by Happy Little Dumplings coffee by Chocolate and Coffee Heaven and some tunes from Wicked Child Designs' dad and lill bro.

Tomorrow, after we do a quick run to buy new taps for the half-renovated bathroom I'll be rejigging the blog a little and putting my Etsy shop on vacation. Woot.

Oh, and here's a tip for the DIY reno peeps at home - winter is not the best time to reovate the bathroom. Baths from a bucket when it's really cold suck balls.

Best friend matching pair brooches.

Best friend matching pair of magpies at today's market.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last market 2012

Tomorrow is my last market for the year! That came around quickly ... The market is on from 9am until 2pm on Racecourse Rd in Hamilton.More info here. The pics below are from BrisStyle ladies who will also be along for the ride; nest in the Attic, Sybella Boutique and Hot Toffee.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moving my nice stuff

Departure day is getting closer and closer. We are moving stuff into storage and Sybil is booked on a flight to Cairns to chill on holiday while we're away. It's exciting and a bit sad at the same time. Packing up all my nice stuff, and my lovely doggy. We'll be back and then we'll have the fun job of unpacking it all!

The shitful task of transferring all my music from my crappy PC to my MacBook 
My wee babushka dolls waiting to be packed into a box

Wonder Dog enjoying the winter sun ... she has no idea she'll be leaving on a jet plane soon

All my herbs ... We'll leave these for the next people to enjoy

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