Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What does an atheist wear for Halloween?

Who cares! I think Halloween is stupid if you don't live in the USA - especially now that Heidi and Seal have broken up! I don't believe in Halloween. 

Here in Australia Ascot mums and Ascots mums alike have had a glass of chardonay, dressed Humpert and Phillesophene (silent 'ph') in overpriced, unoriginal costumes and sent them out in to the darkness to annoy the absolute fuck out of the neighbours' dogs.   

I set the hound in the front yard - thankfully the devilish beast kept the trick or treating turds out of my front yard. We were able to enjoy our burritos and coronas sans pint-sized ghouls. Be a little more inventive people.

Heidi and Seal in the good ol' vows renewal days.

Downward facing dog

Sybil is settling back in, no worries. She has her big snoozy dog bed and had lots of treats so she's as happy a dog can be. This morning after we had breakfast she went out into the backyard for some sun. She look pretty chilled just lying out in the pretty daisy weeds. Dogs are the best people.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The bitch is back

Sybil! My lovely old friend is back today - I'm just about to drive out to the airport to pick her up. She's been on vacation in Tropical North Queensland while we have been on holiday. She's been having the time of her dog-damn life. Running through cane fields, chasing seagulls on the beach, swimming in creeks, stealing things from BBQ hotplates. Sheesh, she'll think being back in Brisbane is pretty boring and she might miss the friends she made up there. It'll be good to have her back.

Still time to enter the card giveaway too ... 

Merlin and Bizzie will miss their friend...
Sybil, the frequent flyer.
Bizzie is sad to see her go ... 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blowin in the wind

That's where you'll find the answer my friend. Frankenstorm is heading towards America's North East coast and it's getting  little windy here in Bris Vegas too. As we head into summer it's getting hot and it's getting stormy. The Queensland storm season is a wonderful and windy time of the year. Some of the storms we get here can be pretty ballsy. I'm sitting in our creaky, groaning Queensland-style house listening to the wind whip stuff around and drag the fig tree branches all over the car port roof.

If you're holed-up on this windy Sunday night wondering what to do with yourself - write someone a letter - even better, enter this competition to win a reread card pack and then write them some snail mail!

This is how we do storms in Brisbane!

Back in 2009 we had a massive dust storm.

Card Sunday - giveaway

I have been thinking about taking a stash of my cards to a few local cafes. I don't like the 'cold call' selling thing, but I need to man up and do it. I am sure the funky cafe peeps will be nice.

Until then I would like to give the good people of the bloggy, crafty world a card or two. I have a nice little card set to give away to a reader. Simply leave me a comment on this post to enter - to up your chances just tweet this post out to the Twitterverse with @reread. Thank you! Get busy and write some snail mail to Justin B (or whoever tickles your fan-mail fancy) xoxo. Winner drawn next Sunday.

Send it to your funky-ass granny.

Send it to your bestie from school who you don't call or write to as much as you should.

Write to a pen pal ...

What the cards you might win will look like ...

Things you do when you're funemployed

Currently I'm not working. I'm taking a break. If I never had to go back to work ever - that would be optimal. Given that in all likelihood I will, I would like to (in order if preference) work as;

  • a puppy walker - any puppies will do
  • a professional crafter - be paid to stay at home with innumerable cups of tea making cards, brooches, softie dolls etc.
  • a mystery op-shopper - trawling op-shops scouting out bargains and knick knacks
  • a Nigella stay-at-home cook - cooking, baking, making food stuffs - om, nom nom.
So far I've not found anything resembling any of these positions on SEEK. So I've been occupying my time reading vampire soft porn (first three in the series from the Vinnies up the road - score), painting my nails, making cards and cooking an assortment of time-consuming meals. Awesome!

Ohhh, so haemoliciously good - the table we picked up from the street - extra trash baggy!
This colour is some sort of coral, ohh la la.
What the cards looked like before they were 'reread-ed'.
After the reread revamp - doing a card giveaway in my next post so stay tuned.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New digs

We found a rental for a little while. The plan is to upscale soon and graduate to 'all grown up and shit' and buy a house. I am chomping at the bit to acquire my very own sun room to fill with a day bed stacked with Marrimeko cushions. OMG.

I've requested that the house will need a very nice, very prominent place in the kitchen, on or in which I can display my delicious vintage wares. I am going to be a freaking awesome Suzie Homemaker.

Pyrex - for now it's in the pantry.
My lovely page from an old People Magazine from the 50s (found under the lino in our old house).
This house is fully old skool.

Yo. yo, yoga

Can I just say I've found a new love in my my life. It's up there with pickles and scandinavian bread. It's yoga. After my little South East Asian sojourn I feel stronger and slimmer - thank you backpack that weighed one third my total bodyweight.

I took myself off for a community class - a class lead by a yoga nut who is climbing the limber ranks of yogi instruction. Our teacher for the day at Shri Yoga was so lovely and she did a really great job. Today I'm feeling a wee bit sore - but the good kind of sore.

I will definatley be going back - so much so that I downloaded a yoga app for the iPad and did a little selfie session this morning on my verandah. Sorry to the neighbours who were privy to the happy baby pose. Google it.

I spotted this little guy today - the small grey ball in the centre of the photo is a marsupial in the 'sleeping possum pose' - so cute.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Back to black

I tried Wordpress, I no likey. I don't think I'm cut out for all the whizz-bang stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I tried, I really fred to make it work - but it just wasn't what I wanted. So here I am back at blogger. Blogger is the new black.

Thanks Malevich

I am back in Brisbane and looking forward to getting some markets back under my belt. I am still on leave and it's really nice not having to 'do' anything at all - all day. Being funemployed is a pretty good gig. So, over the next few days I'll be migrating my Worpress blogs over to this blog and writing some silly, trivial blog posts for your reading pleasure. It's good to be back xx.

Me blogging from my mobile office (Tallebudgera)

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