Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blowin in the wind

That's where you'll find the answer my friend. Frankenstorm is heading towards America's North East coast and it's getting  little windy here in Bris Vegas too. As we head into summer it's getting hot and it's getting stormy. The Queensland storm season is a wonderful and windy time of the year. Some of the storms we get here can be pretty ballsy. I'm sitting in our creaky, groaning Queensland-style house listening to the wind whip stuff around and drag the fig tree branches all over the car port roof.

If you're holed-up on this windy Sunday night wondering what to do with yourself - write someone a letter - even better, enter this competition to win a reread card pack and then write them some snail mail!

This is how we do storms in Brisbane!

Back in 2009 we had a massive dust storm.

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Fantastic photos! Goodness, who are those brave souls out swimming? Here in Singapore we get pretty heavy monsoon weather, though right now we've been enjoying (enduring) 32 degree sun!

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