Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things you do when you're funemployed

Currently I'm not working. I'm taking a break. If I never had to go back to work ever - that would be optimal. Given that in all likelihood I will, I would like to (in order if preference) work as;

  • a puppy walker - any puppies will do
  • a professional crafter - be paid to stay at home with innumerable cups of tea making cards, brooches, softie dolls etc.
  • a mystery op-shopper - trawling op-shops scouting out bargains and knick knacks
  • a Nigella stay-at-home cook - cooking, baking, making food stuffs - om, nom nom.
So far I've not found anything resembling any of these positions on SEEK. So I've been occupying my time reading vampire soft porn (first three in the series from the Vinnies up the road - score), painting my nails, making cards and cooking an assortment of time-consuming meals. Awesome!

Ohhh, so haemoliciously good - the table we picked up from the street - extra trash baggy!
This colour is some sort of coral, ohh la la.
What the cards looked like before they were 'reread-ed'.
After the reread revamp - doing a card giveaway in my next post so stay tuned.

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