Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What does an atheist wear for Halloween?

Who cares! I think Halloween is stupid if you don't live in the USA - especially now that Heidi and Seal have broken up! I don't believe in Halloween. 

Here in Australia Ascot mums and Ascots mums alike have had a glass of chardonay, dressed Humpert and Phillesophene (silent 'ph') in overpriced, unoriginal costumes and sent them out in to the darkness to annoy the absolute fuck out of the neighbours' dogs.   

I set the hound in the front yard - thankfully the devilish beast kept the trick or treating turds out of my front yard. We were able to enjoy our burritos and coronas sans pint-sized ghouls. Be a little more inventive people.

Heidi and Seal in the good ol' vows renewal days.

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