Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yo. yo, yoga

Can I just say I've found a new love in my my life. It's up there with pickles and scandinavian bread. It's yoga. After my little South East Asian sojourn I feel stronger and slimmer - thank you backpack that weighed one third my total bodyweight.

I took myself off for a community class - a class lead by a yoga nut who is climbing the limber ranks of yogi instruction. Our teacher for the day at Shri Yoga was so lovely and she did a really great job. Today I'm feeling a wee bit sore - but the good kind of sore.

I will definatley be going back - so much so that I downloaded a yoga app for the iPad and did a little selfie session this morning on my verandah. Sorry to the neighbours who were privy to the happy baby pose. Google it.

I spotted this little guy today - the small grey ball in the centre of the photo is a marsupial in the 'sleeping possum pose' - so cute.

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