Friday, November 30, 2012

Fatty Boom Boom

Hey Fatty Boom Boom - Mr reread heard it on the radio the other day and thought it was a Filipino rapper, turns out they're saffers and they are fecking cool. We watched the Fatty Boom Boom video - I love the production of this clip it's awesome. Check out the I fink u freeky clip also. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New brooches in my Made It shop

I finally got around to adding some items to Made It and I'm so glad I did! I've already sold nine brooches. Woo hoo! I have been so busy crafting, today I made 40 cards - that's a lot of handmade cards. Each one requires me to find the image, find the words, make a pocket to slip the library card in, cover up the hallmark etc. logo on the back with a snippet and then add a typed (on a 60s typewriter) URL, then make the envelope and then add  strip of 'lick and stick' glue! 

They look so good all packaged up and in a neat pile on my desk (our dining table). All these cards and more will be at my next two markets - come along and say hi!

I felt like I was complete.
Envelope glue (non toxic) drying...
Tea and brooches.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mt Mee, Caloundra and then some

Yesterday we took a trip up to Mt Mee for a walk and to see the cows - as you do. The cows were cute. For lunch we headed to the Woodford pub, a good pub meal was in order. Unfortunately the beef and green pepper pie I ordered was full of some artificial Gravox type flavouring and made me feel all spun out and weird. I hate it when restaurants take shitty sort cuts like that. 

Seeing as though I felt so weird, we thought a swim in the ocean would do me good. It did. We had a dip in the beautiful sheltered waters of Kings Beach and then I zonked out on the sun deck at the free ocean pool. It is so beautiful there. 

This morning for a little bit more summer beach action we went to Burleigh for an early morning swim and a good half hour in the sun (slip, slop, slapped of course). Summer's nice when you have Queensland beaches.

Cows at Mt Mee, silly city folk.
Kings Beach. 
The drive home late afternoon - windscreen could do with a wash.
9am Wednesday, 28 November - Burleigh Beach.

Monday, November 26, 2012

All the pretty things

It's easy to find pretty things in amongst the normal everyday. When I take my camera out I find myself looking at things differently, the way light falls on an old concrete fence, rusty things, silly signs. I love my new camera and the depth of field I get from it. Do you have a snazzy DSLR that you like to snap away with?

Walking down Gladstone Road in Highgate Hill
A crazy cat I found on the stone wall in Newcastle
Pelican in a solar flare
Cute crochet coasters hanging outside a titty bat in Pattaya
A bull with leg warmers and a fresh flower wreath, also in Pattaya.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tip shop, popping tags

My second visit to the Acacia Ridge Tip Shop - right on!  This trip was just as successful as my first where I scored a great solid wood table with four leather (albeit beaten -up) chairs for $50 and a Fabio novel - complete with centrefold OMG. He was sent to Germany to a friend who each year I tell is having her birthday present delivered by Fabio. 

This time I scored a new pair of trés 80s jellies, a wad of wonderful childrens' books, a camping chair for my market ($3) and a great big terracotta pot to put my tomato plants in. Awesome!

I love op shopping, although good op shops are becoming thin on the ground as too many are hiking the prices up - the little country town ones are still the best. If you live on the west side the Dawson Parade shops in Grovely are great!

Take me back to 1985. My dad still wears these - with socks.
50¢ ... I think the working title was Kittens and Crystal Meth
Awesome - this book will have the best 'words' to make my cards with.
I also bought a hose from Bunnings and gave Sybil a bath - totally unimpressed.

The Thrift Shop Song - this is fu*king awesome

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hey, hey, what's with them there sticky fingers kid?

Last night I had a stall at the Racecourse Road BrisStyle market. It was a good little market, lots of people turned up for a sausage and some carols by battery-operated candlelight. I heard them retelling the story of the baby cheeses "Mary and Joseph arrived and there was no room at the hotel" - Hotel? Was this the modern version? I heard the mini bar had no crisps either.

With carols comes kids and there were some mega, uber brats on hand. Toward the end of the night I had one child come up to my table, fumble though all my brooches, sneeze all over his hands and then resume fumbling. Seriously? The Ascott mother said nothing except 'come on Niko' win she realised the Audi she'd parked badly was in a bus zone. 

Just because my stuff is out and on display does not mean your sticky-fingered children are allowed to touch each and every one of my things. No touching kids. There are some good kids, the ones that are advised by parents to 'look with your eyes' - I like those kids.

I want it now!

From here ...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Get your Christmas freak on...

Tonight is the night! Myself and 37 other crafty BrisStyle peeps will be decking the halls with handmade goodness. I will be selling my kids' bags, brooches, cards, softie dolls and gift tags. Below is a selection of other wonderful stuff that will be on show and on sale. Do come down and say hello - It's on from 5pm until 9pm tonight on Racecourse Road. 

More information on the market here

Mademoiselle! From Mon Petite Poppet
Bear brooch from Core Jewellery.
Let's Make Dreams Together ... From Chrissy Foreman C 
And of course, my brooches will be there too.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beautiful brooches for Christmas

I am back on the brooch bandwagon, with a new batch in the making and some older ones photographed and featured in my Etsy shop. These little guys were born from an idea I had in 2008 when my two best friends and I set off across Siberia - we travelled from Helsinki to Beijing by boat, bus and then a very long train ride. I made all three of us a brooch to wear for the journey. 

If you need one your any future epic train travel you have in mind you'll find these and many more at my upcoming markets;

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fancy photos ...

I have been experimenting with my camera and trying to get some nice shots of my cards - it's much harder than it looks. You need to have good light, a cool (non detracting) background and a good angle. Plus you really need a few shots - one image is not really Etsy standard. These cards will al be making an appearance at my next markets;

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Card Tuesday

I spent a good deal of today making cards. I have spent many hours flicking backwards through romance novels to find the right words. Gee, they can be pretty saucy! I made about 40 cards today, big effort, many cups of tea. 

I have also gone and got all clever on your crafty asses and make a non-toxic, lickable envelope glue. I spent ages applying a strip of the stuff with a small paintbrush to each envelope. 

To make it yourself use one part vinegar (preferably white) and one part non-toxic white glue, then add a dash of essence to make it taste all nice - I used peppermint. 

All these cards will be at my next market - Racecourse Road Community Christmas on Friday 23 November 5pm - 9pm. You can also check out the Facebook page here.

Troubles ...

Oh my wordy lordy - I am having so much trouble trying to get my URL to redirect to this blog! I am using Crazy Domains and as the name suggests it's frigging crazy trying to get it to work. I am no Bill gates but I thought I would be able to get the URL thing sorted. I've resorted to elance - if you can help me out for $20 or so give me  bell. I hope I can get this sorted out by Friday as I have a market on!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Babies kissing babies

After the US election I thought I had seen enough baby kissing for one year. Turns out the Justin Biber break up story meant I am being subjected to more baby kissing in the news. This boy looks too young to be a 'sex symbol' for millions of hormonal tweens let alone to be dating, kissing and god knows what else - ewwwwe.

I think I am getting old as I am not even sure what this Selina bird does or did? But I do know that this story makes me taste a little bit of vomit in the back of my throat.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sybil's special ginger, fig and nut cocoa balls

I think these are normally called 'bliss balls', however as I'm not keen on the word bliss (just too Mills and Boon) and I suspect some uber health-nut wanker has 'tm'd' them I'm sticking with longer self-descriptive version.

These balls are easy to make and a good little protein snack before yoga or the gym. I don't actually have a recipe, it's kind of a 'what's in the cupboard' mix. For this post I'll just go with the last batch  I made.

You'll need; rolled oats, a selection of nuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, nutmeg and or cinnamon, vanilla essence or paste, honey, sun-dried figs, glacé ginger, dutch cocoa, unsalted butter and some olive oil.

  1. Chop up three types of nuts, about a half cup of each and add to a big bowl
  2. Chop up the sunflower seeds and add to the mix
  3. Chop up a half cup of rolled oats and add to the mix
  4. Add a quarter cup of chia
  5. Add a heaped tablespoon of soft butter and rub though with your fingers
  6. Add spice and vanilla at will!
  7. Add a good dollop of honey
  8. Chop up about four figs and five pieces of ginger and add to the mix
  9. Stir in two heaped tablespoons of dutch cocoa and stir
  10. The consistency should be a bit sticky - see if you can roll a ball that will stay together - if no - add some olive oil until you get the right consistency
  11. Roll in to balls and refrigerate!
Sybil - supervising the kitchen.
Sunflower seeds, you know you love them. 
Nutmeg and cinnamon ... heaps of it.
Use the nice sun-dried figs and they don't have any preservatives.
Use the good shit. 
Not yet sticky enough ... calls for more olive oil
Mmmm, the balls, they are finished!

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