Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Card Tuesday

I spent a good deal of today making cards. I have spent many hours flicking backwards through romance novels to find the right words. Gee, they can be pretty saucy! I made about 40 cards today, big effort, many cups of tea. 

I have also gone and got all clever on your crafty asses and make a non-toxic, lickable envelope glue. I spent ages applying a strip of the stuff with a small paintbrush to each envelope. 

To make it yourself use one part vinegar (preferably white) and one part non-toxic white glue, then add a dash of essence to make it taste all nice - I used peppermint. 

All these cards will be at my next market - Racecourse Road Community Christmas on Friday 23 November 5pm - 9pm. You can also check out the Facebook page here.

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