Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mt Mee, Caloundra and then some

Yesterday we took a trip up to Mt Mee for a walk and to see the cows - as you do. The cows were cute. For lunch we headed to the Woodford pub, a good pub meal was in order. Unfortunately the beef and green pepper pie I ordered was full of some artificial Gravox type flavouring and made me feel all spun out and weird. I hate it when restaurants take shitty sort cuts like that. 

Seeing as though I felt so weird, we thought a swim in the ocean would do me good. It did. We had a dip in the beautiful sheltered waters of Kings Beach and then I zonked out on the sun deck at the free ocean pool. It is so beautiful there. 

This morning for a little bit more summer beach action we went to Burleigh for an early morning swim and a good half hour in the sun (slip, slop, slapped of course). Summer's nice when you have Queensland beaches.

Cows at Mt Mee, silly city folk.
Kings Beach. 
The drive home late afternoon - windscreen could do with a wash.
9am Wednesday, 28 November - Burleigh Beach.

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