Friday, November 2, 2012

Sybil's special ginger, fig and nut cocoa balls

I think these are normally called 'bliss balls', however as I'm not keen on the word bliss (just too Mills and Boon) and I suspect some uber health-nut wanker has 'tm'd' them I'm sticking with longer self-descriptive version.

These balls are easy to make and a good little protein snack before yoga or the gym. I don't actually have a recipe, it's kind of a 'what's in the cupboard' mix. For this post I'll just go with the last batch  I made.

You'll need; rolled oats, a selection of nuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, nutmeg and or cinnamon, vanilla essence or paste, honey, sun-dried figs, glacé ginger, dutch cocoa, unsalted butter and some olive oil.

  1. Chop up three types of nuts, about a half cup of each and add to a big bowl
  2. Chop up the sunflower seeds and add to the mix
  3. Chop up a half cup of rolled oats and add to the mix
  4. Add a quarter cup of chia
  5. Add a heaped tablespoon of soft butter and rub though with your fingers
  6. Add spice and vanilla at will!
  7. Add a good dollop of honey
  8. Chop up about four figs and five pieces of ginger and add to the mix
  9. Stir in two heaped tablespoons of dutch cocoa and stir
  10. The consistency should be a bit sticky - see if you can roll a ball that will stay together - if no - add some olive oil until you get the right consistency
  11. Roll in to balls and refrigerate!
Sybil - supervising the kitchen.
Sunflower seeds, you know you love them. 
Nutmeg and cinnamon ... heaps of it.
Use the nice sun-dried figs and they don't have any preservatives.
Use the good shit. 
Not yet sticky enough ... calls for more olive oil
Mmmm, the balls, they are finished!

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