Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tip shop, popping tags

My second visit to the Acacia Ridge Tip Shop - right on!  This trip was just as successful as my first where I scored a great solid wood table with four leather (albeit beaten -up) chairs for $50 and a Fabio novel - complete with centrefold OMG. He was sent to Germany to a friend who each year I tell is having her birthday present delivered by Fabio. 

This time I scored a new pair of trés 80s jellies, a wad of wonderful childrens' books, a camping chair for my market ($3) and a great big terracotta pot to put my tomato plants in. Awesome!

I love op shopping, although good op shops are becoming thin on the ground as too many are hiking the prices up - the little country town ones are still the best. If you live on the west side the Dawson Parade shops in Grovely are great!

Take me back to 1985. My dad still wears these - with socks.
50¢ ... I think the working title was Kittens and Crystal Meth
Awesome - this book will have the best 'words' to make my cards with.
I also bought a hose from Bunnings and gave Sybil a bath - totally unimpressed.

The Thrift Shop Song - this is fu*king awesome

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nadine paduart said...

your brooches always amaze me, i wish you a very good sale indeed. i'll go on a thrifting bend tomorrow, 's been àges, so i 'm getting all geared up in the head. but things sometimes look bleak up here too. same story. thrifting is being commercialized (by the government!) as we speak. it just leaves nothing.
still. we must persevere softly and sweetly...

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