Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blu tac, old doors and calico

I've been looking at other Etsyians to generate ideas for 'the perfect photo'. Some people really have the knack - I'm still trying and hopefully one day I'll get there. My problem (essentially) is that I'm in too much of a god damn hurry, so I rush things. I don't iron the fabric I'm using (story of my life), I don't move all the crap on the veranda so I have to squeeze myself into silly little spaces to get the right light, I rush things. For my most recent 'shoot' I actually iron the calico, got some nice Pyrex bowls out (and cleaned them) and and used blu tac to stick things to the nice old wooden door we have out the back. 

I did up a little treasury with some great photos to help get ideas and to promote the folk who are doing a smashing job. Here's my most recent attempt at 'the perfect Etsy pic.

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