Wednesday, December 12, 2012

fourth child, Ipswich noms

We took a day trip out to the sweet little city of Ipswich yesterday. Poor old (and it is, it's historic) Ipswich gets a pretty bad rap. People from Brisbane often think it's full of bogans, knife fights and a very shallow gene pool. Not so, it's such a lovely town full of beautiful old Queenslander homes and green spaces. The place we had lunch, fourth child, was awesome. We walked into a lovely high-ceiling space with long bench tables and picked from a small but very modern and reasonable menu. I had the caramelised onion with whipped goat cheese ... Yum! My only criticism is that it took 25 minutes to come out, but this may have been due to a large Christmas party group. Try it sometime, take a drive out there and have a coffee and a look around.

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