Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hot dang, DIY Lingham's chilli sauce

As mentioned in previous posts, I love the sweet, garlic-free goodness of Lingham's chilli sauce. From a factory in Butterworth, Malaysia to my table in Brisvegas it's the best chilli condiment on the market, until now. I went and bought a whole heaps of red chillies from the fruit barn, some ginger and spent an hour in the kitchen trying not to rub my eyes with chilli fingers. I just used the ingredients listed on the bottle - chilli, sugar, ginger and vinegar. Yum!

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nadine paduart said...

who-hoh! that is quite amazing. sauces as these are just so worth their money and taste when homemade, which doesn't mean i do... but look at that result! you sure you don't want to go into catering, or something?

what kind of a job you're looking for? (sorry, am stringing a few posts together, i think).

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