Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Russians, bull's blood and a whole lot of gardening

We're renting at the moment which means I can't make a raised garden bed, plant natives and dump all my kitchen scraps in the yard. To compensate for my lack of gardening facilities I've been gathering pots and  random vessels from the Tip Shop to plant my ebay seeds in. You'd be surprised at how many amazing seeds you can get your grubby mitts on. Heaps of people are cashing in on the whole doomsday thing - like this fruit loop selling 'survival packs';

"The Bible says that "A wise man sees danger ahead and prepares himself" This seed bank can and will be more valuable in times like this than gold or silver..."

I'm into the weird ones (veggies not people), the heirloom ones and the fun ones like mega-hot, burn your ring-hole chilli varieties. Once we get our new place I'm going to go freakin burko in the backyard, we'll have black Russians, Tiny Tim dwarves and bull's blood beets- yum. 

Below are my black oriental radish sprouts, a Thai chilli, black Russian tomato flowers and some very enthusiastic mint that my mum put in a hanging basket.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely snapshots! Thanks for your comment on Lady Croissant. Have a wonderful day! xoxox

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