Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shoplifters of the world unite

Great song to open on however the energy kind of petered out during last night's Morrissey gig in Brisbane. I was curious to see what a Morrissey crowd would look like - I was taking bets on lots of older, sad-looking men with eye makeup. I was wrong. It was a mix of young, old, goths, public servants, ladies with handbags and some without - just a crowd really. 

He was a bit of an arrogant prick as he always has been and seems to remain so - references to the Australian audience as being a bit lame (not quite as good as our NZ cousins), being left out of a 'M' related question on Rock Wiz and then calling Wills and Kate a bag of shit. Yeah, I love the music and all but I just paid you more than a hundred bucks to politely stand here listening to you so I hope you don't mind if I refrain from laughter and group cheers as you pay out 'the crowd'. I find it a bit affronting when a band or singer refer to the crowd as 'good' or 'bad' - the crowd is not a homogeneous mass waiting for judgement - we are all individuals - thank you Life of Brian.

All in all the vibe was good, the atmosphere was good and the music was nostalgic. His voice still had that lovely, melancholy warble and the beat felt like I had a bird in a shoebox down the front of my shirt. I was sans handbag so I have no photos - but here is one of the many crappy videos taken by someone who spent the entire night watching the gig thought their iPhone ... wankers.

1 comment:

nadine paduart said...

nostalgia right here too though, for the smiths {rather}...
that man, he keeps going, and should really refrain from harsh words. argh.

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