Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I've been making these tags from suspension files and puzzle pieces. They've been selling at my market pretty well so I thought I'd give them a go in my Etsy and Made It shops. What do you think ... $3.00 for a set of four? Cheap, cute, handmade.

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Kylie said...

So cheap for something I know will be so lovely.
I received my gorgeous cards today and love them all. Beautifully made and I love the 'quotes' you chose to accompany the pretty vintage pics. Thanks.

Thanks for the Morrisey review. Sounds like a bit of an a-hole, but you knew he would be didn't you? I think I would've been just a little bit disappointed if he was too nice and lovey-dovey. I can just imagine what he would've had to say about his Perth audience (if he bothered to come here ie!) I still love him, even though I totally get what you said.

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