Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you 2012stagram, it was nice

This year I've been a total social media tart - I'm reflecting on 2012 as a year of instagraming my feet, food and dog. Wow you ay, what an interesting a cultured found lady this reread must be! It was a good year, like other year it had some ups and some downs - but overall I'm still here and I'm still taking photos of my dumplings with an iPad. 

 Focusing on the highs some great things I did this year are ...

Cupcakes - I made so many yummy cupcakes - January 16.
Went to see the baby turtles for my Birthday weekend - 20 January, Bundaberg.
Went home to see the olds - 21 March Julatten, Queensland.
Quick trip to Vietnam - 21 April, DaNang
Did lots of great markets - 14 July, Brisbane 
Made lots of yummy food - desk lunch 17 July, Brisbane 
Took doggo to airport for a tropical holiday - 25 July, Brisbane
Traipsed all over South East Asia - 25 September, Laos 
Took a week to drive up the east coast - October, Coffs Coast

Went to the beach - a lot - Burleigh Heads, Queensland
Took Sybil for many walks - lost 5kg - Brisbane
Made lots of crafty shit - Brisbane
Bought some trash from the op-shop - read lots - Brisbane

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