Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little bit trash bag, a little bit Russophile

Reading - I like it almost as much as writing. This year I already have my reading list sorted and sourced! I have just finished The Clan of the Cave Bear, a little bit silly but very 'I can't put you down' silly. Now I'm chowing through the second Sookie Stackhouse book Living Dead in Dallas. Who would have though I'd be reading a trashy Vampire novel? But hey they're pretty good and I scored the first three in the series for $3 at Vinnies!

After that I might have to raise the tone a little and sink my teeth into some Tolstoy - this is going to be a long hard ride, but I'm ready and I'm in it for the long haul - all eight parts and 963 pages - yeesh!

Then I think it's time for more trash with some more vampires and some leggy prehistoric peeps. Then onto Farewell to the East End, a birthday gift from a best friend, then Kane and Able and finally to top it all off the cheery Cancer Ward. Most of these I got from the Lifeline Bookfest - if you've not been yet get yourself along and stock up on 2013 reading gems! 

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drollgirl said...

clan of the cave bear! lol i think i read that in high school and i just ATE IT UP. lol. silly and trashy books have there place. they can be fun. and you are wise to balance them out with more "substantial" reading. i do the same, with books, tv, magazines and movies. :)

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